Greenhart Village History

Famous rock at beachBefore 1980 Mr Green, a lawyer from Johannesburg & Mr Hartman owned Palm Beach lot numbers 865 & 866 respectively called Greenhart Holiday Resort & Kerkira. In 1980 about 30 sites on Erf 865 had ablution and cooking blocks while 6 or 7 sites only had access to water, electricity or gas. Mr Green had a number of roads graded out of the bush and +- 100 sites were on the plan. He wanted to sell the whole property as he intended to emigrate to Australia permanently.

In 1981, Mr Boy Roos & Mr. E Solomon raised funds to purchase the land. More ablution blocks were built and permanent caravans, which were rented to holiday visitors sourced income for Greenhart. Eventually the first Plettenberg Bay mobile homes were brought in. Plans have been found in the office showing 200 caravan sites.

In June 1982, a developer in Durban, Mr. Tomas Jacobus Reyneke, bought Greenhart. He developed extensively and somewhere around this time, 50 Greenhart shares were converted to 200 “A” class shares representing one share per site. It would appear the intention was that each Greenhart shareholder would be able to share in the running and benefits of the business area – hence 200 sites + 1 business site = Club 201 as we know it today. This ‘investment’ was not supposed to be for profit making purposes and dividends were not supposed to be paid. However, not everyone could afford to purchase a “A” Class share resulting in a few people buying the majority of shares.

Tom Reyneke then sold to Mr. Christo Bernard Swart in 1985. In 1987 the number of permanent homes had exceeded the allowable limit for a caravan park so Greenhart applied to be rezoned to a “Holiday Resort”. Greenhart appointed Vincent Leggo & Associates to submit an application on its behalf to the local Town Planner in 1985. Once approved, reference was regularly made to the “Leggo Map” drawing number 15601.1g which reflected the now famous five ‘front sites’. The change to a Holiday Resort became effective in February 1989.Gremlins 001

However, the Village continued to be operated as a caravan park for many more years and Mr. CB Swart acted as a director of the company until February 1998 when management of the Village fell on the shoulders of resident shareholders. Sometime after April 1998, application was made by the Greenhart directors to the Umtamvuna Transitional Local Council to re-zone Greenhart Holiday Park to a “Special Resort Zone 1” in terms of which the Town Planning Scheme prescribed that each stand was not allowed to be smaller than 200 m² resulting in only 174 sites. Sites smaller than 200m² were offered to neighbouring site owners at a discount or turned into ‘green’ areas. On record, site numbers 37, 85, 91, 106, 142, 119 and 120 no longer form part of the Greenhart share blocks.

The directors at that stage were against the incorporation of the front sites during this period and when submitting the application, omitted the five front sites. A further application was submitted in 2001 but the special resolution of the shareholders decision to include the sites was not registered with the then Registrar of Companies (now Cipro) and the final outcome covering the inclusion of the front sites was only formalised in 2008.

Greenhart Village is located in Palm Beach, KwaZulu-Natal, and offers quality holiday accommodation, ideally suited for families.